Should I be excited??


hi there I hav ebeen trying to conceive now for almost 3 years and after loosing a stone and a half in weight and so many late periods and negative tests later was starting to give up hope. But yesterday I got this on my test what do you all think??


  • Hi there, am new to this forum and to any forum actually lol thought I'd join as I'm TTC my 3rd child and the 2ww is tedious so I can't imagine how you must feel after 3 years. My 2nd DS I tested 2 days before AF due and got the same as you so faint I thought it was an evap line I got a similar line the next day I then tested the day af was due with a clear blue digital and wasn't my fmu and got my bfp so hang in there I'm sure you too will get your bfp soon. Well done for losing weigt I have read that it makes a big difference when ttc. Good luck to you x x 

  • Thankyou so much for your reply and kind words. i tested again and turns out I am not pregnant although still no period. Absoloutely gutted is an understatement. I've tried for this long so may aswell continue. Good luck to you xx

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