Help with Opk's 🙈

Hi all,

i wondered if you can solve a puzzle for me were are on 5th month TTC. Last mth i thought it was the one as what i thought was IM turned out to be the AF a week early.

now its thrown me out of Sync all my apps said i would be fertile this week had the above not happened. 

But becuase of the above they put my window to last week 14th onwards so i started the OPKs around the 12th all negative until saturday 17th. So i thought id sussed it.

my tem dropped sunday when predicted OV should have been and ive had backaces and a small bit of cramping. 

Negative OPKs sunday and monday. And for some reason (cos i think im adicted to POAS) lol. I got the attached pic at 1pm today which would be 2dpo cd23.

im so confused? Anyone else had this? image


  • I should add, my temp has shot up this morning xx

  • Sometimes OpKs can be positive but for some reason ovulation not occur.... can be stress etc... that's why it's a good idea to keep testing until you get a thermal shift which is what you have done :) ovulation can't be confirmed until the temp has gone back up. If you are logging in an app like fertility friend, it will analyse your data for you and tell you when ovulation has occurred.... 

  • If your temp went up today, OV was most likely yesterday :) it's usually 12-36 hours after a positive OPK 

  • Ahh so were back on track then really? Fertily Friend did say yesterday until i put the positive in today 

    Thanks for replying i suppose im in the 2ww club xx

  • Just a quick update as i got an even stronger positive today.

    i wonder if this is the OV? image

  • That's definitely a positive.... make sure your temp goes up to confirm 

  • Perfect, thank you 😀

    here goes! Hope your doing good xx

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