Please help, fainth line on my test?

Hi everyone, I'm sorry if my English sucks. Im from Sweden and I found this page on google and it seems like a really good page. However, my period will start tomorr and I've done a few tests. I took the clearblue early and i can see a fainth one on both. What do you think? Can you see something? image


  • I see a faint positive in #2...I'm in the same wait myself. ..imagehere's mine!

  • Hi ladies I would wait a few more days they could be indent lines or evap lines I had them last month.. How many days past ovulation are you x

  • Ok THX! I'm 13 DPO today. I just took another test, and this is how it looks like: 

    i edited the photo a bit aswell and I can definitely see a line, but I want a stronger line :( 


  • I'm about 13 dpo. To be honest, we weren't trying and use the pull out method but didn't make it on time. Sounds pretty irresponsible. ..:/  

  • Sotella was you pregnant? 

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