First post on here. TTC baby #2

Hey everyone, I've never posted on this site before, so sorry if I do something wrong. 

We've started ttc our second baby, this is our first month trying. I had positive opks and EWCM on Christmas Eve, so I'm around 3dpo now. I'm not feeling confident that we've conceived for some reason, feel quite negative even though we've only just started ttc. So worried it'll take ages. 

Anyway, AF due 7th January, which feels like forever away at the moment. Anyone else in the same position want to chat? I'm feeling very impatient at the moment haha x 


  • Hi, we are going to start TTC number 2 this month so I'm in a similar boat to you!

    I have PCOS and took 18 months to conceive number 1 so I am imagining it will be a long process again this time although I'm hoping we may be able to do it without assistance this time (used clomid for number 1).

    Ihope you've managed to distract yourself during the two week wait! x

  • Hopefully you're not in for a long wait again. Pcos is awful :/ fingers crossed you're not in for a long wait! 

    Im 8dpo today and have had what looks like a super faint positive, but as it's an ic test it could be an evap! So fingers crossed! Lots of cramping, dizziness and nausea today as well as a tiny amount of pink spotting this morning! I'm trying to avoid getting my hopes up. X

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