Pregnant after a miscarriage

hi ladies just looking for some advice/hope

i had a missed mc on 4/12/16 I was given tablets and all seem to go fine I stopped bleeding about 12/14 after and me and my partner started to try again as we are desperate for a baby and we are heart broken.

i am now nearly 4 weeks on and still testing positive my line was really faint but seems to be getting stronger I haven't had a period but been experiencing some pain in left hand side 

the hospital want me to go for a scan to see if any missed tissue left I am just wondering could there be a chance it's picking up a new pregnancy?


  • It's possible.... have heard it. 

    I now it's advisable to receive a negative test before starting to try again to avoid false hope.

    so sorry for your loss.... I had one In July at 10 weeks and have been trying ever since. 

    I would have thought that just 3 weeks after a MC would be too soon to be testing positive on a HPT as you would have needed time to ovulate and then implant and levels to rise etc. but nothing would surprise me..... keeping everything crossed for you. X

  • Thank you that's what I thought to x

  • Fingers crossed though for a happy outcome :) 

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