Faint line

Hi I took 4 pregnancy test two were positive with faint lines and the other 2 were negative . Please help I'm confused as to whether I'm pregnant or not.. I haven't missed my period yet. im 11dpo.. do you see the 2 lines?image


  • It's probably too early.  Good luck, you will get a better result when you miss your period

  • I'm not sure first time on here been ttc for few months second time of chlomid can't talk to anyone else in my life feeling so lonely hoping someone is there to talk x

  • Looks like a very faint one hun. I got the same this morning very faint but almost certainly there maybe ☺. Perhaps we will go into new year with good news.my af isn't due until Monday but my cycle has been a little all over since mmc I have fingers and toes crossed 🤞🏻X 

  • It's best to test with first morning irons aswell, the result will get weaker as the the day goes on and you drink more

  • so waht are you guys thinking

  • Negative until proven otherwise because it's not clear enough to say positive

  • This isn't the first one Ive had like this . 

  • That's a good sign then.  They should get darker as the hcg rises.  Can you go to the Doctors for a blood tesT? 

  • Yes , I haven't gotten my period yet because it isnt due till next week.  My breats  are becoming sore but I'm not quite sure. The last 3 tests I toook were negative but I took them in the evening and it's still early. I've been feeling nauseous but it's still eaRly . I need help you guys

  • I went out and bought a clear blue digital one after same faint line as yours and tested yesterday it's come back 1-2 weeks pregnant so bfp ☺️I'm guessing a few more days and yours will do too. My af is due tomorrow the first time my tests has been a clear yes was 2 days before af I had tested like you a week before with negative ones.good luck sissyp xx

  • Sissy you don't need help you need to be patient and wait 

  • Sissy as I have said before on another post, if your period isn't due until next week then you are probably testing too early. The luteal phase will only be about 16 days max.... so you are either 15dpo today and  period will be any day, or you have got your ovulation wrong and you are a week behind what you thought and are testing too early.

    you need to wait until your period is due..... that's what we all had to do before they invented early tests. They cost too much money and cause too much distress. Just wait until your period is late. 

  • I know it's just so nerve wrecking 

  • It is and it doesn't get any easier to deal with I don't think.  

  • Your right about that meme. Have you got BFp?

  • ive been trying for my first baby for 18 months, had 2 chemical pregnancies.  I'm current nearing the end of my 2ww.  I've had yellow cm for a few days,  yesterday and today it had a brown tint.  could be af coming but it's not blood spotting at the moment.  I took a test the other day but it looked like I hadn't peed on it enough anyway it gave a negative result.  Out of interest I looked the next day and there was something there probably an evap or the test wasnt very good. 

    Im away from home at the moment and only have cb digitals but no point using one at the moment so just waiting to see.  Had bad pmt today mood wise today.  

  • Hi natty. I know how you feel. I'm in the same boat. I see faint lines and sometimes not and can not tell anyone. Hang in there.  Wish u best of luck. 

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