Faint positive?

Hi I took 4 pregnancy test two were positive with faint lines and the other 2 were negative . Please help I'm confused as to whether I'm pregnant or not.. I haven't missed my period yet. im 11dpo.. do you see the 2 lines?image



  • I see it! Its there congratulations!!

  • Should we be 100% sure that I am? 

  • You need to test every morning daily witg fmu to see if it gets darker. Then get blood test.

  • My menstrual does come till the 6th . should I wait until then? the anticipation is horrible 

  • you tested super early. So try first response 6 days sooner. Thats strange to get a faint line that early. Hopefully its not evap line. But that usually happens with blue dye test not pink dye. But use cheap 88 cent tests from Wal-Mart or dollar store and test daily

  • Hcg doubles every 48 hours so you are better off waiting a couple of days. If your period isn't due until 6 January then I would be sceptical that it's a positive as it would be very unusual to get a postibe so early on... implantation doesn't usually happen until at least 6dpo... unless of course you ovulated earlier than you thought.... but assuming a 14 day luteal phase you would only be 6dpo today. 

  • If you are 11dpo as you say then your period should be due in 3-5 days.... hence the two week wait, the luteal phase is 12-16 days depending on the woman but never changes... so if you ovulate early then your period will be "early" and vice versa. Good luck

  • My period sometimes changes days it comes on either the 5 6 or 7 and last for 4 days.  i had intercourse of the 17 , according to research the 17 was one of my ovulation days. I took two test that said positive. And I have read that the line is so faint because my hcg levels aren't as high. 

  • Your period will only change because of when you ovulate. Your time between ovulation and period will never change but the time from period to ovulation can.... i ovulate on different days each month so I know if I OV on cd 14 then my period will arrive 14 days later (point between OV And period is 12-16 days depending  the person) you only ovulate on one day too... so if you OVd on the 17th you will now be 12 dpo which would explain why a positive  would be showing.... and period would be due in 2-5 days depending on how long your luteal phase is..... hcg doubles every 48 hours so if you wait 2 days then the line should be super strong :) 

  • And do we think this could be a evaporation line  perhaps?

  • It could be or just that your levels aren't high enough yet. They double every 48 hours so if you are sure you ovulated on the 17th, then retest in a couple of days.

  • Took another one and got another faint line. im so confused but yet a week early. 

  • If you ovulated on the 17th then your period will be due 2 weeks (12-16 days) afterwards. So it should be due in the next couple of days. 

  • there is a chance you ovulated early. Thats not an evaporation line. Do twins run in your family? Are you regular? How many days is your cycle?

  • It's clearly there to me. Congrats 

  • When I take another test it says negagive, idk if it's because of being so early it's hard to detect or what.. the anticipation  becoming unbearable! i want to be pregnant but ok not quite sure yet. what do you guys think??

  • Ladybugluvs, yes my menstrual is regular and last 4 days.  I believe the next one is due on the 7th or before thrn. 

  • I'm becom very discouraged because I contin to get different results

  • Hi ladies,  i have some brown spotting.. not sure what this could be..

  • Flybutterflyfly I have some brown spotting only when I wipe. Any ideas of what this could be?

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