Faint positive test?

imageimageimagei took this pound shop test the other day and it came out with this faint positive but for some reason I just don't trust it!😏Was wondering if any other mummies out there had a faint positive and what happened, I've been trying to consive for 2 years with my partner and sufferd an early miscarriage about 3 month ago, any comments welcome☺️ Thanks x


  • Might aswell just delete this😑😏

  • Definitely looks positive. test again in a couple of days and the line should be stronger

  • Well I just keep telling myself it's to pink to be an Evap and its still there more than 48 hours later, I've had a few symptoms but because of my recent miscarriage I don't know what to think about it and I've not really got happy about it yet, but thanks for actually commeting 

  • Hiya Paige carrington, sorry not may folk have been by to answer your question - the forum tends to be a little slower this time of year, but we're sure more peeps will be over soon enough to let you know what they think. Good luck! 

  • It looks positive but I think you should do another test to give you more of an idea.  

  • You have listed this on other threads and people have replied. All you can do is wait till you are late and re-test, buy a proper branded test or see a doctor. It looks like a second line though 

  • Did you end being pregnant iv got exact same result as yours

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