Are these faint positives?

So kinda difficult to know my CD. I came off the pill 2 months ago and last month I had a 37DC. I've took a few tests over the last week and keep getting results like these. Some have said it's vvf others have said no. Trying to wait and then retest in a few days. Have been having a few symptoms past few days. Just wondering your views today is now CD47. imageimageimage


  • Those strips aren't very reliable.... have seen these tests show negatives even when someone has been 6 weeks PG. Maybe it a branded test like a  first response.  

  • First response and clear blue don't work well for me. Each time I've been pregnant they have been negative. Which is why I don't want to go spend the money in them. 

  • imageimageimage   it's still there and a bit clearer to see today. Can't wait until Wednesday 

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