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  • The middle two is a digital test I ripped apart. I know not suppose to do that. But I can't help it. My hormones are going crazy either it's a very bad pms or I'm pregnant. If so conception would have had to happen just less than a week a go. I don't know my cycle it's so irregular. But I'm either about to or past it by just a day or tw . 

  • If it was less than a week, then you are testing too early. Wait until your period is late and theN test again. From ovulation to period it's 2 weeks hence why it's called the two week wait. Some ladies test early after 10 days.... but even then it's more often too soon to pick up on a pregnancy. 

  • Thanks for replying. My last period was Dec 5. 24 days ago. Does that make a difference?

  • It depends how long your cycles are.... you can only get pregnant if there is sperm to meet the egg. The egg only lives for 12-24 hours and then dies so only if there is sperm can you be pregnant. If you only had sex a week ago then it would be far too early to test anyway even if you did have sex at ovulation. If you are irregular and don't know when your period is due or when you ovulated, then the only other thing to do is test 2 weeks after the last time you had sex. Ovulation will occur 2 weeks before your period is due. It's ovulation that drives when our periods will be. So if you ovulate later then your period will be later. 

  • P.s. if there was a fertilised egg then it takes 6-12 days to implant into the uterus and then 4 days for hcg to be high enough to be picked up on a sensitive test, which is why some ladies start testing at 10dpo. 

  • OK thank you much. I will wait.  Just want to add that I was referring to the last time I had sex. However it could have happened before just didn't think I was ovulating then as I took an opk test a week ago and it was positive. Didn't take one before. But those things are weird I took another one thr next day and it was positive too. 

    Looking at the pregnancy tests  I took. Each one has a super super faint line. And the way I feel made me worried. 

    I will wait and see. Will update you. 

  • OpKs can pick up on pregnancy so if you had sex before then you could well be PG and ovulated earlier than you thought. Good luck 

  • Thank you flybutterflyfly.   So I'm I the only one who sees a faint second line on these tests?

  • Digitals always have 2 lines. I can't see anything on the other ones. If you ovulated a week ago, it's still to early. You need to wait until at least 10 days past ovulation. 

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