2 faint first response positives, negative clearblue.. confused?!?!

Hi everyone! I'm new to all of this please can someone help me out?! I'm 11dpo and yesterday I recieved 2 faint first response positives but then this morning a negative clearblue! What does everyone think?? Also the darker test was done with last night's urine and the lighter one was done with FMU this morning so now I'm even more confused!!image


  • Anyone?? 😣

  • Clear blue aren't very sensitive at all so it's best to wait until you have missed your period before using a CB.

    i have had a false positive on a FRES before, so I don't test early any more. plus i don't want the heartache of a chemical pregnancy showing pos and then period arriving. The invention of these early tests mean that we are able to et or hopes up and have them dashed. 

    Maybe wait until you are late or wait a couple of days and test again.... hcg doubles every 48 hours so if you are PG it should be stronger.... good luck x

  • Thanks flybutterflyfly 

    Sorry to hear about you getting a false positive. That's a nightmare! Do you think they look positive? Surely 2 tests can't be wrong? I'm so confused lol. I really hope you get your BFP soon!!

  • If they have colour then I would say yes, but FRES are notorious for throwing out a grey line where the positive should be. Maybe just try and wait it out a few more days and test again.

    thanks :) after a MMC in July it's a bit heartbreaking each month. Am hoping that maybe this month could be the one. 5dpo today so not long to wait 

  • They are pink but I'm not convinced yet because yesterday's line is darker than today's line? Who knew this could be so much work? Lol. Considering taking the tests to a doc to hear her opinion but I'm gonna wait to see what tomorrow's test says first! Hopefully this is your month have you been  having synptoms or anything yet? Even though 5 dpo is still early I guess 

  • I have had cramping and sore boobs but ignoring it as every month I convince myself!!!

    i don't think doctors really want to know until a period has been missed. The tests that they do aren't as sensitive as the FRES. Probably best to just wait and see what happens 

  • I know what you mean! Then you convince yourself that this must be it and bang AF arrives! Horrible really.. I just did another test and once again there's another line! I'm gonna take your advice about the doc. It would be €50 just to get her opinion so I'm gonna try to be strong and hold off 

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