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BFP or EVAP ?! Help!!!!!

Ok I'm really not sure. Is this a BFP or an EVAP? All 3 of my tests look like these I took them a few hours ago but this is what they looked like after the 3 minutes. Clearblue then said "not pregnant" I'm so confused !!image


  • BFP 😀🍾🎊

  • Really? Am I silly not to be the slightest bit excited yet? Got a negative on Clearblue :( I'm 11 dpo today. I don't think I'll believe it until I see it on a digital:(

  • Digitals arnt as sensitive as first response so wait till your period is late then do a digital as they are best when you miss a period 

    good luck 🍀🍀🍀

  • Clear blue should work fsyvof or day after missed AF:) Good luck but that's a strong positive so I'd say nothing to worry about !! I'd be very excited what a lovely Xmas/new year gift 😀

  • *day of ( bloody phones grrrrr!)

  • Thanks for taking the time to write your opinion missmyangels it means a lot.  I just don't believe it yet. I know this is so strange but I made DH take one as well to make sure it wasn't a default in the batch of tests and not one single line on his but mine are all like that! We've wanted this for so long but whatever tricks my mind is playing on me I won't fully believe it until I see it on digital :( is that bad??

  • imageI am pregnant 

  • No that's not bad at all!! I always feel satisfied after I've used Clear blue digital with weeks indicator and I carry on using them until I get my 3+!! I then feel happy and start to look forward to things:)


  • Thank God I'm not the only one so! I have just made an appointment with the doctor for Tuesday which is the day AF is due so hopefully the doctors test would read positive 

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