Confused by OPK tests

So I have irregular periods and this is the second month I have been tracking with OPKs and body temps. Today is CD 32 and all of my lines have looked almost positive for the last week. Today I got the darkest 2 lines and was certain it was a positive, but then I took a CBD advanced OPK test and it showed nothing, but when I pulled the stick out, it clearly had 2 lines as well. has this happened to anyone else? Which is more accurate?



  • if it's the first time you have used it, it will be negative as it tracks and remembers your levels ..... the first time will be a zero to get a baseline.... your meant to use them for a few days before so it can detect the rise. It will always have 2 lines as that's how the cb digitake work 

  • I got 16 days of flashing smiles with the same tester than an O today... I waited until my next urine and it was a solid smiley :) maybe it was just being weird 

  • Clear blues are meant to be used with first morning urine, so it may have just been a case that your urine wasn't concentrated enough. 

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