Who had Implantation bleeding?!

anyone out there who expirenced implantation bleeding. Me and my bf have regular sex. for me AF it usually on time, starts with a small amount of dark/bright red blood and then gets very heavy and lasts for avg 5days With lots of cramping. But this month I started a week early. However it was not blood it was light brown discharge or dry blood that only appeared when I wiped. That lasted 2 days but very lightly Just a little for a liner. tiny particles appeared it the toilet day 2. Like specks/flakes. very small. by day 3 I wiped and got pink blood. very light not enough to fill a pad or A tampon. It continued for 2 days of pink blood. Again not red. Normally my period is heavy and bright red And gets old dried blood at the end.  I've NEVER had brown discharge before my period is due and pink spotting. also for the first time ever last night we had sex and it hurt. Almost like there wasn't enough room for him. Which has Never happened. I have had very light cramping On and off. Not enough to bother me at all but still enough to notice. I had serious lower back pain 4days ago. And this week I suddenly feel so tired and urinating a lot. every Thing I read sounds like implantation but its about day 5 now and still pink. but it's sooo light. 

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