so new to this!

Hi, I'm new to this page so please excuse me if I sound weird or abit loopy, I'm 21, nearly 22 with a longtime boyfriend, we haven't been using any contraception. Basically I'm 8 days late now, my period was due on Christmas Eve!, the Tuesday before Christmas Eve I had abit of brown spotting, this may be too much information but it was only when I wiped, anyhow, teusday night I thought I'd do a home pregnancy test, a clear blue visual one that I had got in a twin pack from home bargains?, it was negative. i was doing my makeup the next day and just thought I'd check it and it was deffo a plus sign had appeared on there, but it was near on 12 hours later!, so I wasn't sure if that counted!, that night I had went and bought some more, bearing in mind I was 4/5 days late by this time, I had bought  twin pack of clear blue digital? And a twin pack of Asda cheapies. i had done this but they both came up saying not pregnant and negative. i still had my 1 clear blue visual left and I used that as well, and that after a while again came up a very faint positive!, that faint you can hardly see it!, so yesterday  bought some more of the clear blue visuals from home bargains, i had two plus signs within the me frame they had told me it should be?, but still so faint you can hardly see them?, I'm just not sure whether I am pregnant, or whether these clear blue tests from home bargains are trying to trick me a little, surely with being 9 days late for a period, it would be coming up properly, and would be coming up in the digital and Asda cheapies by 5 days?, I just really need some opinions because I feel like I'm going mad!, I have had cramps on and off for nearly two weeks, my breasts are so sensitive to touch, i was having acid reflux alot lately, i know this is such a long essay to read but anyone's opinion would be so useful to me right now!


  • There is a chance.  Maybe you happened to ovulate a day or two later.  

    clesr blue digital tend not to be so sensitive so in the early stages can struggle to pick up enough hormone.  

    First response are usually one of the most sensitive and I'd recommend trying them.  Blue dye tests are notorious for evap she.  

     than spending lots of money trying more tests it sounds like a visit to your doctor might be the best 

  • Hi,  I'm sure your head is pickled. I'm 30, but I went through the same thing as this when I was 20! I spent a fortune of pregnancy kits. I wasn't pregnant.  But the more I stressed the longer it took my period to come. Everyone told me that and said don't stress it will come. Of course we don't with an off switch. I went to the doctors, I took their test. Two days later my period came. My advice would be that... Go to the doctor. I hope things work out for you. 

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