Confused about tests, please help

hi ladies, so I've had a sneaky I've been expecting baby number three for about a week, so took this first response test yesterday, just because it was there and  I needed to know, but now I'm completely in limbo because I don't know if it's positive?

Ive had period like pains for about a week, and yesterday I had spotting. I feel very sick today, but no tender breasts? 

Please help ladies, I'm losing my mind image



  • I should also point out that this line can up straight away, started off as white, and then changed to a colour! image

  • It's not clear enough to tell from the photo.  I find with fr that they quite often have a white line anyway you can see in certain lights.  I'd try another test with your next first morning urine 

  • I can't see a positive line on that test... sorry! 

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