Could I be pregnant

Hi I im wanting some advise I I'm currently 27 years with no children but trying for a baby I I'm sexually active and have regular periods on the 6th of every month normally I spot the first day and mood swings start but I have came on this mornin with is 5 days earlie with no mood swings or warnin I actually thought I could have been pregnant as seem to be eating loads and tiredness is unreal alough I am a very fit active girl which is normally really motivated do you think I could be pregnant ? 


  • Have you taken a pregnancy test?

  • No I haven't yet taking a test die to me going to wait to see if period started normal time on the 5/6th but I came on the 1st so was kind of dishearted alough I don't normally eat loads while I'm on and can't stop eating at moment, I have pains to my lower left stomac and had no warnin of this period people are sayin it could be stress that has started it but I haven't been stressed or done anything different. Do u think I should wait till this period is over and wait to see if I stay on till the 5-6th? Then do a test ? 

    thanks kindly for your response 

  • Well, I've heard of women having a period during pregnancy, but if you think you should wait then i would. It does kind of sound like stress, but you can never be to sure. 

  • It could be implantation bleeding or it could be that you ovulated earlier than usual and it is your period. Your period due date is governed by your O date, so if you ovulate late, your period will be la and vice versa.  It's best to wait 4 days and do a sensitive test as that's how long it would take for HcG to show after implantation has happened. Good luck  

  • Thanks ladies I think I will wait till when I was ment to finish around about 11th as I haven't had stress I'm a chilled out easy going life thanks 😬

  • Your cycle starts from the first day of your period, so if you can wait a few days after you would have been due on then that's the best thing to do. Good luck

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