Hi there, I am looking for a bit of advice. I am currently studying for my PGDE, I will finish the course in June 2017 and start my probationary (NQT) year in August. My partner and I are considering trying for a baby at the end of this year, hoping we will have baby September(ish) 2018. Has anybody taken a year out after their NQT year? Has this effected you getting a job afterwards? Were you entitled to any maternity pay? Thank you for any tips/advice! 


  • Hi! 

    I would also like some advice in this.

    I am in my NQT year currently and ttc. We would have left it longer but a health scare in the first term made us realise we want to get on with it as I am not far off 30. 

    I have looked into it a bit but it gets complicated as it is not possible to guarantee when you will conceive. The school have to give you time off if you are epregnant obviously and you can return and complete it later. As we are trying from beginning of term 2, if due October/november I would be eligible for maternity pay having worked for 1 year before maternity leave begins. I would be likely to return to work again in the summer term, probably part time.

    My difficulty is that if I conceive later on then I would be leaving half way through a school year, which I don't want to do. If I decide to leave my job to focus on having a family I may not be eligible for any type of maternity pay.  I read sometiing about statutory pay only being available if you have worked within 2 months up to your maternity leave/birth. If I do supply for a couple of months, will I be able to get statutory maternity? 

    We have decided that we are going to go for it and manage whatever happens, but I do worry that the timing could mean that we are relying solely on my husbands income.

    It's so difficult isn't it? I feel that as an NQT I'll judged for falling pregnant in my first year. But this job is so hard, if I don't follow my gut feeling I will end up very miserable and resenting teaching to the point of leaving it behind completely.

    I will post links to any information if indeed on here.

    Let us know what you decide!

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