Giving up

I literally want to give up ttc, I have been on this website ttc since may 2015, had 1 miscarriage and I just feel so deflated! 

ino people can ttc for years before having there bfp but how do they do it! 

this month I thought that's it spotting week before af, then bam af comes a 4 days early, this month has taken everything I have I don't know what to do anymore! 


  • You r stressing. It's all ur thinking about by the sounds if it and u won't fall pregnant being like that. Relax and maybe stop "trying". Get on with life and have lots of sex and boom u will fall pregnant xxx

  • I agree with susie girl stress can be a big factor u have fell pregnant before so there is no reason why you wont again stop everythink just try getting on with ur life do things to occupy yourself and look forward to and it will happen good luck and loads of baby dust

  • thank you girls, ino I am over thinking things and need to calm, I will just take my tablets and take my time.. 

    think I just had a crap day and everything came down!


  • Hi Bonnie I have also been ttc since May 15 and had one early MC. It can be hard but as the ladies said we got pregnant once no reason why it won't happen again. chin up. Have you been to your GP? x

  • i haven't been to gp when I had my mc I hadn't been trying for long enough, have you been?x

  • Hey ladies 

    I'm in the same boat we have been ttc for a year now and I've just found out my sister is pregnant even though she never wanted kids and took the morning after pill after after the condom split. She's still pregnant.

    I really want to be happy for her and I think I managed to pull of off so she wouldnt see how much it upset me! I feel like the worst sister in the world but I can't help but feel resentful because she never wanted to have children. And now I just want to give up! Was going to book a doctors appointment today to start the ball rolling and getting checked but I can't even bring myself to do it now! 

    Sorry for the rant but I just needed to get it out! Xxx

  • I was ttc for 7 years totally gave up last year and changes house, car and booked hols due to thinking it wouldn't happen, only to find out at the end of the year I was pregnant! Don't give up just don't make it your main focus it will happen when you least expect it x

  • hi danielle, that's what gets me most people around not trying doing everything to not get pregnant and they do get pregnant and we try everything and nothing works, we just have to put on a smile and make out everything is OK, you will feel like that but your time will come! Get that appointment made! it might just be the best thing and soon you will get your bfp. we all need a rant every now and then!!xx

    hi sjordo I just enrolled on a corse at work so that should keep my mind occupied! congratulations on your bfp! 😊 xx

  • Hi Bonnie

    yeah I went to GP after about 8 months of ttc. She referred me then knowing the waiting list is so long. Hubbie and me tested and all looks ok. We have now had 2 attempts at iui treatment (with timed intercourse) we now have 4 attempts with iui procedure so fx.

    make an appointment if you feel ready, I remembering thinking at least I am doing something and on the waiting list.

    good luck everyone xx

  • Hey Ladies,

    So i'm feeling a bit better today, thank you for listening! 

    Ive got my appointment for 23rd Jan with drs, but OH wants to go private as he has found a clinic that tests and give you the results within an hour we are visiting on the 2nd for a meeting before testing so hopefully by mid feb we should know, so that's made me a bit happier as i hate waiting and referrals take forever! My sister is terrified and being the big sister i cant let her go through that without me so i'm not disregarding my feelings but she needs me.

    I've started taking evening primrose oil for the cm and then flaxseed for 2nd half of cycle ive read really good reviews so thought i would try it.

    Im also studying herbalism and they have given me my final 4 assignments before I'm qualified so that will keep me busy.


  • hi Emma, well at least you are doing something and hopefully this will bring your bfp closer!! I feel like I Carnt bring myself to make an appointment if it happens it happens I think! I don't want to keep stressing at the moment like people said it was all I was thinking about so going to try not think for a few month! 

    hi danielle good luck to you and your tests let's hope they bring good news! just be happy as you can and just be there for her, that's all you can do! oo I shall have a look into them thank you! 

    good luck with your assignments!! 

    baby dust to all xxx

  • hi same here -tried a year before I fell pregnant only to miscarry then struggled 2 more years of trying and had tests done and found out I have underactive thyroid which I  am on meds for before I  finally got pregnant again with my daughter

    when she was one in 2009 we started trying again took a year then miscarried again tried again took 5 years before pregnant again and 3 months in a row I got pregnant then miscarried so back to trying

    its now a total of 8 years trying with 4 miscarriages and this month I had a chemical pregnancy I get mad at people sneezing and bam pregnant ect but I'm always praying I will get my longed for baby soon and I feel like giving up at times but I cant stop wanting a sibling for daughter so I keep going

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