Achie but sicky



on the 29th December I came on my period on the 31St December I thought I came of my period but I said to my parnter let do the indeed and he cumed in me when he pulled out of me he had blood there and I had some too later that even I went to the loo there where blood but brown discharge next morning same brown discharge then it stopped today I had egg white tonight I had some light pink but very tiny when I whipped my self im all achie like a period but I know is not as I already been on 

Im 26


14 day

3 day

Today I had sex 4th time and he cumed in me iam feeling abit achie near my hips are like a period and I'm feeling sicky too what can it be I have been on the other wedsite but no luck with that plz can someone advice me 

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