Pregnacare vitamins or Inositol, Agnus Castus ect...!

Hi everyone, 

My husband and i have been TTC for about 7 months now, i have PCOS and have had one miscarriage in the past. 

My question today is to ask if it is better to take a combined fertility vitamin, like Pregncare that has folic acid, vitamin b6 ect all in one tablet OR to have a different mix like taking inositol, or agnus castus and evening primrose oil !! I'm stuck here!

If anyone could reply to my thread with their advice on vitamins that they are trying or has worked for them i would be very greatful! 




  • When I was ttc I was taking seven seas folic acid and b-vitamin complex the month we conceived. After that I moved on to Pregnacare. But as long as you are taking folic acid you should be fine to take other things too (that are baby-safe obv).. 

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