Very confused. Someone help!

Hey I have a question. I'm 9dpo and when I was 6dpo I very lightly started bleeding. it was a brownish blood and never got on anyrhing only could see it when I wiped after peeing. that was the only time it happened and I was cramping a little. The next day I decided to take a pregnancy test and I thought I saw a line pop up but then it dissappeared. Then I looked at it about an hour later just because I was curious and I saw a very faint but very pink line. I thought maybe it was just an evaporation line. the next day I took another one the same thing happened but the line was darker than the line the previous day. So I had my mom take a test from the same box  to see if a line would pop up within a few hours. nothing popped up even after hours. I took another one this morning and the  same thing put the line showed up faster like 10 minutes after the 10 minutes they tell you not to look at it. Please help me out. what does this mean?

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