Share your pregnancy symptoms with me!

I am now 10 dpo, with regular symptoms that could easily be passed as AF symptoms or my body being a major headache and symptom trick spotting me. The only symptoms that triggered if I am truly pregnant or not is when I spotted pink blood mixed with cm (Sorry for the TMI) which occurred my 6dpo, but only was that one time. The other symptom happened actually this morning (10dpo) I woke up in the early this morning due to horrid ankle/calf pain which caused agony with walking all day. I know not to think much about them, because I have been through this before when my AF is near, but not with those 2 symptoms, those are new, and also TMI again, my cm has been dry when usually it is wet or creamy due to AF creeping around the corner. So I have no idea what to think or do until AF gets here. So feel free to share your experiences with me or give me any advice or pointers on what you would do, or what you have done! :) 

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