Could I be pregnant?

My period was 6 days late this month. I am always very regular and this is the first time I have ever been this late. However this isn't like a usual period for me. It started out just a bit of brown spotting, then turned into bright watery red blood and now 2 days later is just brown spotting again. I uaually last for a week and am quite heavy. Now I did a pregnancy test before my period and it was BFN. I read that some women don't get a positive until about 7-14 days after a missed oeriod because hormone levels arnt high enough. I am still getting pregnancy symptoma though,heavy sore boobs, feeling dizzy, strong smell, very sore back. Just wondering if I could still be pregnant?


  • If its been a few days since you last tested, then I would try testing again - it really is the only way to know for sure. Fingers crossed for you. I would say, although Im not a Dr so may be wrong, that if the hcg hormone isnt strong enough to show on a test this far after ovulation, then it would be unlikely that it would be causing you such strong symptoms (pregnancy symptoms are caused by the pregnancy hormone). Is it possible there is anything else that may have affected your cycle? I know that stress can sometimes delay ovulation, which could explain why your AF was later than expected. Or if you have come off the pill, or sadly suffered from a chemical pregnancy or loss in the last few months this can also affect your cycle and cause short term changes. 

    Test again now its been a few days, and I really hope it is a positive for you. Let us know how you get on x

  • Am dealing wid the same as u.. let me knw if u fnd out smthng.... al d best

  • Thanks for the replys! I work retail and this Christmas has been a busy one! Maybe that's knocked my cycle a little. I just wondered if it was still possible since im still getting symptoms, sill will test again in the next few days and let you know. Good luck to you! 

  • So tests again this morning, which is 14 days after my proper period should have come and still BFN. I still feel pregnant, sore boobs, sore back, loss of appetite, smell sensitivity, headaches etc but I guess it's just my mind playing tricks :/ will try agin this month. Fingers crossed!! 

  • Sounds like a period to me hun. Mine sonetimes last 2 days otter times 4 and on rare occasion 6 days. But defo watery red blood is a period xx

  • Hi please help I've been trying for over a year now but wanted a baby for 7 years! I'm now 9 days late and 4 negative tests. I've been to the doctors today they did a test but still negative he said it could be still early and to wait another week ( torture) should I just except I'm not or keep on hoping I've had all the signs cramping lower back pain my boobs have hurt and tiredness/ headaches how late and should you be to have a postive test thanks 

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