Help!! Indent, evap or faint BFP?!

I came off of my contraception 8 weeks ago and have been have been having unprotected sex since. Past 3 weeks I've been experiencing pregnancy like symptoms.

i took a Tesco hpt yesterday morning and thought I could see a very faint line but it wasn't clear, so I did the worst and took the test strip out of the casing and the line was more visible, same thickness as the control line and had colour in it! I didn't take the strip out of the casing until around ten mins after taking the test!

however I'm not taking this as a positive result as I've heard so many bad things about Tesco tests and their evap lines which show up blue!! 

A friend told me to put a few drops of water of the strip as if it's a evap line it'll disappear once it has moisture but the line didn't disappear! 

Has anyone had the same experience? And what were their results? 

I have ordered some more tests which are arriving tomorrow but they're pink dye ones.

thanks 😊image


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