Issues with conceiving

Hey, i'm new to this page! I tried googling my issues to no avail..

I have 2 children a boy and girl, i wasnt really thinking i would have anymore. I found out i was pregnant by accident, i wanted some antisickness pills and couldnt get them til i proved i wasnt pg so i took a test to prove it, bit me in the butt....

After getting our heads round it we couldnt wait, my 2 little ones were so excited. This was the last week of July 16, i did a big job with work, on the morning of setting up i had a lot of brown discharge, had it with the other two so thought nothing of it. Doc sent me for early scan and said they found nothing, blood came in at 93 2 days later 117 and 2 days after that 136 they said it was ectopic and took me straight to surgery! 😟😟 it was heartbreaking! When i woke they told me my tubes were still there, and it had been twins just too early! None of it made sense. Just rushed straight back into work (blocking it all) after a few weeks i went to the docs and was told due to tube scarring its unlikely i will conceive again (not impossible but hard) we have been trying but 5 months later i dont want to give up but with my other two i fell in the 1st go. I have no idea whats going on and the docs are not helping at all.

Sorry this is so long, just would be great to talk to people, and maybe get a clearer answer! Thank you

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