Feeling emotionally Battered

Hi Ladies,

I'm currently on  CD13 of my first cycle of Clomid 50mg, (days 2-6) after 2 1/2 years trying to conceive & I'm really struggling emotionally.

I've been using Clear Blue digital OPK's, the ones with the dual-hormone indicator, as I liked the thought of knowing when I was most fertile instead of just pinpointing the LH surge. However, I feel like I've made a huge mistake.  As I said I'm on CD 13 & still getting negative OPK's, no high fertility, which usually comes before peak. I'm getting really stressed & scared that the Clomid isn't working.

I turn 40 this year & if Clomid is unsuccessful it is unlikely we will be able to have IVF as I know i won't be able to get my BMI down enough to fit NHS guidelines in time, as treatment would have to start before my 40th birthday.

I've had dull cramping pains in my stomach but no other signs of OV. Have any of you ladies ever had OV without any symptoms?

My hubby is amazing but I feel so tearful & alone right now, I'm really not coping well. image

sorry for the negative vibe, trying to stay positive but struggling.

baby dust to u all xx

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