Hi. My cycles for recent 3 months are, 28, 26 and 27. I had a regular cycle before. With my recent, I had unprotected sex from day 13 to 16 then on day 19 and 20 I had what I think is implantation bleeding which I have never had before accompanied by cramps, lower back pains, nuasea, feeling pukey, sensitive nipples, tingling feeling in uterus when peeing, tender breast and excessive sleeping. Everything got worse on day 26 then On day 27 my breast was very sore and I later got my period. Dat 28 I have heavy flow with clots and unbearable cramps. Any chance of being pregnant? 😔 I am scared of buying a test because of dissapointment. This is my 4th try. 


  • In my honest opinion I wound say it sounds line your period. It's a hard time trying to conceive bit sadly it can take time x

  • I guess I just have to trust my instinct that a miracle will happen when I least expext it too. 😩

  • It doesnt make sense though because on day 14 I had egg white like discharge which is guaranteed a sign for ovulating right, the spotting I had then whats that for? And now day 29 that tingling sensation when I pee is back. Everyday I experience something I havent. 

  • Just because you ovulate and dtd at the right time, doesn't guarantee that you will fall pregnant unfortunately. It's pretty much down to luck :( 

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