Okay guys so everyone I got annoyed with the whole 'every digi has 2 lines' so I did an excitement. I dipped one in regular urine and one in watered down urine. They both came back 'not pregnant' however when I took them apart the one that was dipped in just urine had two lines (one faint but definitely there) and the one that was watered down only had ONE line. What are your guys' thoughts about this????


  • I mean experiment not excitement 

  • Has anyone else tried this and gotten different results???

  •  not tried that as they are expensive so doubt many others have tried that either!!!! I used FMU and had 2 lines but wasn't pregnant. The way they read certain hormones in the urine means that they do have 2 lines the same as the OV tests, but it reads how dark the lines are to determine pregnancy. If you used watered urine then there wouldnt have been the hormone to darken the second line 

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