I had a miscarriage Dec 19 2016 and I  bleed for 6 days but after the 7 day me and my soon to be husband had sex and I just got off my ovulation can u get pregnant that fast after because now I feellike I'm pregnant I was 5 weeks when I had MC now I'm wondering not I been trying for 7 years and he the only one who has got me pregnant should I take a test  need some input


  • Hey,

    I am in exactly the same boat as you Hun. I m/c on 6th Dec 2016, bled for nearly 6 days & was 5 weeks at m/c. My boyfriend and I TTC pretty much straight away & its been over 5 weeks now and no sign of AF.. its a waiting game.. I have read many feedbacks on here that you can get pregnant as little as 2 weeks after m/c.. maybe wait a little longer before you test? Hopefully you hear from other members for more experences...

    its definitely like being in limbo though. but this site has helped me a lot get through the difficult time in early Dec. 


  • I miscarried on the 13th may 2016 I found out I was pregnant again in June, my 12 week scan showed I fell pregnant 10days after miscarrying so its definitely possible! X

  • Im also now 33 weeks and due next month! :)

  • Hi Jazziiey.. 

    you was very lucky to fall so quick :) So exciting :)

    i am really hoping this is our year.. my Mr and I had awful time before Xmas to have the sad news.. its been 5 weeks nearly 6 weeks since the miscarriage. i done a test at the weekend which was a BFN :( but I got a feeling i ovulated late ... so I am going to hold off for a bit before I test again.. I'm really hoping I either see a BfP or actually come on my period so can hopefully get back to normal and know work out my ovulation time... 


  • Its horrible having the news that you've miscarried, I hated seeing people with bumps or newborns made me so upset! But there is light at the end of the tunnel, just try to stay positive! Good luck, keep me updated xx

  • Yes awful news and it's been hard because one of my friends has their little one around Xmas and it's hard to be so positive for them and remain focused too..

    thanks for the kind Words.. I'm just hoping I know what's up with me for having 5 -6 weeks no AF since miscarriage and BFN test.. 

    Will keep you posted xx

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