Coming off the pill symptoms or pregnant?

Hi everyone 

Im feeling a little ignorant at the moment and also a little over sensitive to everything my body is doing so your thoughts would be very welcome. 

I had my last pill (mini pill) just over a week ago 30/12/16 after being on it for about 18 months. Before that I had two implants so havent really had periods etc for many years now! 

We then had sex on the 31/12 and the 1/1/17 and from literally the 2/1/17 I stared having some symptoms (Bloating, nausea, dizziness, peeeing a lot, very tender lower tummy especially when I sit down) also on the Wednesday 4/1/17 I had some very light pink blood (almost just pink discharge) which only lasted a couple of hours and I haven't seen since. There has been no sign of a period so I have no idea if I've ovulated etc although I would say that in the past, even if I've just taken a pill late I've had a small period and theres been nothing! 

I have done 2 tests which have both said negative but it is still only just about a week ago when we did the deed! 

Could I be pregnant or is this pill withdrawal? Not sure whether to keep trying or hold off for a bit? Also - any tips on how to stop myself being crazy about it 😆 I'm driving myself nuts thinking and wondering all the time! 

Thank you and happy new year to you all! xx 


  • Ovulation usually occurs about 10-14 days into your cycle so it's likely that it's too soon to be pregnant.... but I haven't had any experience of the mini pill so wouldn't be able to say for sure. It may just be your body adjusting. Bloating etc. Can be ovulation symptoms 

  • Thank you 😊 It's just a bit scary that I am so out of tune with my body these days! Symptoms seem to have improved today apart from a new one which is incredibly tender boobs and very VERY sore nips! My boobs feel like someone has put boulders in them?! If it is pill withdrawal any ideas on how long symptoms last for? I can't work it out according to my next period as I haven't had one yet so have no idea of my cycle yet. 

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