Hi I took two pregnancy tests on Thursday the both should up with a pink coloured faded line I then took another 2 on Friday they come back negative and I took one today as it's the day of my period and I haven't come up what should I do???? I phoned the doctors they told me to wait till Monday I already have a ten months old little girl


  • It's happened me before, i don't know about u, but for me it was a chemical pregnancy, i had a faint positive two days n a row, then negative, my period eventually showed up again but was late... 

  • I don't think it's that as all the signs are there from how I was like when  I had my first am leaving utility till Tuesday at the earliest as I've been told off my doctor I could have ovulate late 

  • Maybe test in a few days with a more sensitive test, let me know how u get on ☘️

  • Thank you I've been told it's not a chemical pregnancy as it would of showed positive on the other two tests I done as it was the same test I took the day after also the doctor has said I would of come on about 2 days after still no sign of period however they have said it could be were am only a week going into 2 weeks

  • The doctor will know what he'a talking about... good luck ☘️

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