Implantation Bleeding

So I'm just curious, on the 1st and the 2nd of this month I started bleeding well spotting on the first I noticed a light pink with kind of the light reddish color so I thought I started my period so I ended up wearing a pad thinking I started early so I waited for a few hours so I had to go to the bathroom again then I went and notice there was no sign of bleeding at all not even on the pad so I was a little bit confused so I went to bed with a new pad on just in case the next day more came so the next day came which is the second of this month I woke up went to the bathroom and it was a light pink with discharge in it but no blood on the pad so I looked it up and it came up with implantation bleeding so I only experienced those bleeding those two days and from today there's no sign bleeding just discharge so I took a test today which is the 8th and came out negative so can I still be pregnant or what I'm so confused and plus this is my first pregnancy please help what should I do and the symptoms I feel are fatigue having to pee more than usual


  • Please help I need answers 

  • I m intrested also! I'm 5 days late and experiencing light pink dishcharge it's stoppedd now but I'm so confused, I have read that usually it can take up to week or more maybe to show up on a test depending on what one you take, go the doctors and ask for a blood test and that will pick up the lowest amount of hormone.

    Fingers crossed for us both hun x

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