am I pregnant?? clearblue test

Hi, I took a clear blue test this afternoon, it looks like there's a faint line to make a + for positive. If I am pregnant it will be very early days. I took another test about 2 hours later and was negative. I also took a clear blue digital which was "not pregant" I have read that clearblue digital aren't as sensitive early on. Please can you advise i dont know if I'm getting my hopes up or seeing something that's not there.  I'm going to test 1st thing in the morning as I've read it's the best time. 

Thanks x 



  • I had one that came out really faint, I tested about 3\4 days later and it was much stronger so maybe try again then? X

  • Thank you, was your pregnant in the end hun?  

  • Yeah it was im currently 33 weeks due 27 of Feb! X

  • Yours is very faint but there's still a line, so I'd say you're pregnant! Congratulations :) 

  • aww congratulations! Not long to go... it's all I've ever wanted to be a Mum. I just hope I'm pregnant xx 

  • I would have only conceived a week ago hun if I am xx 

  • Not long at all! Its all I have ever wanted too, I went through 2 miscarriages last year! It took me 10 days after my last miscarriage to get pregnant again! It looks positive, keep me updated! Good luck xx

  • Aww I am so sorry to hear about your Miscarriage, I will keep you updated thank you xx 

  • Evening,

    This is my first ever post but pleased to say that to me that looks like a positive! !



  • Hi Lynne, I really really hope so It would mean the world to me, all iv'e ever wanted is to start a family and be a Mum.  I have been with my partner 6 years and we've just got our 1st House so it would be perfect. I'm going to take a test first thing in the morning before work & then I will leave it till the weekend it it comes negative as I don't think the tests I've got is very good so might have to go an get some clearblue ones. 

    Ps: this question was my first post so i'm

    new too!xx 

  • Oh Jade I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. 

    It's a nerve wracking wait waiting for the bfp but I'm hopeful this is yours x

  • It is definitely I feel so anxious and on edge waiting for it. 

    Thank you I will keep you posted xx 

  • Good luck xxx

  • I do see a faint line too. I doesn't appear unless preggers hehehe x

  • Just wondering how you are getting on jade? X

  • Hi Lynne, I tested negative again today 😕 I'm going to leave it a week and test again. Hope your well xx 

  • Thought I would jump on and say if you are only a week past OV then you are testing too early.... also the clear blue are notorious for false blue evap lines. If you are going to test early is best to start at 10dpo and use a first response pink dye. Good luck x

  • It was first response I used when I got my positive!  


  •          First Response gave me a negative test today so definitely going to leave it a week or so maybe test again monday at the earliest xx 

  • It's frustrating. I stopped testing early as was too expensive and have been waiting to see if AF shows. Also there is the danger of testing early and picking up on a chemical pregnancy that ordinarily wouldn't be picked up on And we wouldn't know about. I don't think I could handle getting my hopes up and then it Not coming to anything. 

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