My 2WW symptoms!

I have no usual PMS symptoms maybe that's a symptom itself. But I've had som cramp here and there, ALOT of creamy discharge that is sometimes watery but still white (tmi) and my nipples hurt only to the touch also I've had random waves of nausea no throwing up.. I don't wanna get to excited and be shot down..BUT what do you ladies think? 


  • Well I had a 2 day migraine from hell that resulted in on call doc it was that bad with vomiting and now thrush. That was 2 days after ovulation. So if it's not that then I'm thinking what the feck evil virus attacked me. I only started vomiting after r6 hours of horrendous pain cos I cudnt hake it anymore x so yes it very well cud be as hormones are evil and mess us right up lol. I'm due on the 20th and still have queezy feeling as we speak and a dull ache below. When r u due on? Hoping we don't come on and this is our baby moment x

  • *36 *take not hake

  • Hopefully it's good sign hope AF keeps away from you!! I am due for AF today, so far no sign of her yet! 

  • Ohhh take an early test. I'm due on next Friday haha x I have to wait but u don't hehehe xxx 

  • Still no sign of her today either, and okay I will be testing very soon!  I hope this is both of our months!!

  • Positive- only one more day to wait for u eeeekkkk . U must let me know. Test the first pee in the morning.  I'm so excited for u.  I still gotta wait a week bllahhh. Today I feel like I've been tranquilised I'm THAT tired. I cud sleep all day and not wake up so I dare not close my eyes lol 

  • I tested today... it was negative 😥 :( I still haven't started tho so idk 

  • Positive- a day late officially,   u cud still be hun try again later xxx

  • I will :) I'll keep you updated.  I can't wait to hear your results!

  • Hi guys hope you dont mind me joining you! My cycle varies in length, recently it's been shorter like 23 or 24 days but over last year it's slowly decreased from 28. I'm currently on day 26 and no AF....did test this morning though and it's negative. feeling a bit disappointed as obv I'm already a couple of days late in comparison to last couple of months. And has slight cramps and nausea during the week so was really hoping I'm pregnant but now not so sure 🙁 currently 12 dpo. 

    Got everything crossed for you guys!!!! 😊

  • That's literally how I've been, i was 4 days late took a test but BFN :( but still haven't seen AF. not sure where she is at. hope we all get BFPs soon!!!!!!!

  • Positive - omg defo go get a blood test done hun sonetimes the hormone is so light that a test won't pick up on it but a blood test might. I still think that you are xxxx I'm due tomorrow 

  • Okay, I'm excited cuz as long as AF hasn't showed i still have chance!! I've also been feeling extremely off, it's a weird feeling. And yay!!! Almost, let me know results when you check, im hoping best for you xxxx

  • Still no AF!! im scared to take a test again tho I feel like it be negative again

    But never know 

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