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Hi. In November my period was from the 26th and lasted 5 days. In December it started on the 24th and I only had 2 droplets on the 5th day (negative pregnancy test). I had sexual intercourse on the 31st December and 1st of Jan. Now on the 1st jan morning, when I wiped I had very slippery clear discharge and the same during the day of the 3rd. When I was walking home on the 4th I thought I had weed myself and when I looked I had a very large amount of pearl white discharge. Now that discharge has been decreasing in amount each day and become more watery (not slippy). On the 6th and 7th of Jan I had very mild period pains and my temperature  went up on the 5th Jan night. My breast also increased in size on the 5th. Have we had sexual intercourse too early? I'm confused with the dates of me having my discharge and the dates of my body signs. Thanks


  • Please someone help. I don't no if these are pregnancey signs or ovulation signs? Could I be pregnant? I'm getting my hopes up too much and need to be told the facts

  • Sounds to me you are gearing up for ovulation on 3rd Jan as this sounds like egg white cervical mucus which is a sign of ovulation it is also around the correct cd

    Good luck

  • Definitely ovulation. If your temp has gone up you have ovulated. Count that day as 1dpo

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