How do you know when it is the right time?


i lost my little boy back in may I was 38weeks and 4 days pregnant. one day he was fine the next he was gone no explanation no reason. I miss him so much im coping because I have to but I don't want to!

i really want another baby but I promised I wouldn't until I'd lost 8stone as I was very over weight I've now lost 5 stone and my period is 5 days late I just done a test all day I've been worrying as I still have 3 stone to go but I was gutted when the test was negative. 

how do you no when your ready for another? Will the time ever be right. 😢 I feel very lost at the moment. 



  • Hi Chamilto
    We just wanted to stop by and say how lovely it is to see your name pop up. 
    We hope you're well and it certainly sounds like you're doing a fantastic job shedding the weight - well done you. 

  • Hi Chamilto,

    I completely understand how you feel and what you are going through.. Kudos to you on loosing the weight well.

    I lost our baby boy at 32 weeks In October. we went for a checkup and the doc said everything is on track and 2 days later I was told that he was missing heartbeat.

    I too want to have another baby. I miss our baby boy everyday. It's like a a huge piece of me has gone with him.

    I try to stay positive and hope that we both are blessed this year.

    Take care 😘😘

  • Thank you Danielle! Still 3 stone to go I no realisticalily I need to be a healthy weight before I get pregnant but I was upset to see a negatI've test.

    Hi ritufeelslost 

    sorry to here about your little boy! i really don't understand how babies hearts can just stop 😢 The only thing the post mortem picked up was jacob had a very long cord and he said a lot of babies that pass away with no cause have long cords which makes you think is there something in that They can start to monitor. 

    we were planning on starting to try in April/May time but I was terrified bit at the same time a little excited to think I could have been pregnant. period has just started so obviously not just wishful thinking x

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