can I be pregnant cycle day 16

Hi Ladies, 

I am currently on Cycle Day 16, is it possible I could be pregnant? 

I have cronic lower back ache it won't go, it started yesterday but is bad today. The lower right hand side/ pelvis of my stomache is aching. I have been feeling sicky and stomach ache. 

I have been using the ovulation tests and they have been high, I've not seen a peak but I did miss a test yesterday. I've took a pregnancy test an it was negative. Advise please xx 


  • Also the pain in my back is more on one side then shifts all across the bottom of my back 

  • It sounds like ovulation symptoms. If you are pregnant then it would literally only be a few days, if you have a 28 day cycle then OV would be around day 14. Implantation happens at about 6dpo as a minimum and Then it's 4 days for hcg to show. There are always 2 weeks approx from OV to AF hence the 2 week wait.

  • Thank you hun sorry what's 6dpo? Completely new to this x 

  • Days past ovulation. So if you ovulated today then tomorrow would be 1dpo and then you will have approx 2 weeks until period. Implantation can happen as early as 6, and takes 4 days for hcg to register on a sensitive test which is why ladies that like to test early test from 10dpo or 4 days before due. I ovulate different days each month anything from 11-16 which is annoying! If you ovulate later then your period will be later. The length of time between ovulation and period rarely changes but the point between period and ovulation can, that's why is best to know when you have ovulated to estimate period due date 

  • How do I know when I've actually ovulated the date? I'm using Ovia app and the ovulation test, I've had majority of high result but not seen a peak but I missed one yesterday. So I'm not sure when I ovulated or if I am now.  It's my first cycle ttc I only had my implant removed on 28th Dec x 

  • If you get a peak the it's usually 12-36 hours after the peak. The only way to confirm is to temp as well. You take your basal temp every morning before getting out of bed or doing anything before, at the same time. pre OV temps will be low then will go high after ovulation. It may take a while for the implant hormone to get out your system which is why the high OpKs, but the cramping etc. Sounds like it could be happening. Might take a couple of cycles to get your normal. My cycles were always 24-28 days but then I had a missed miscarriage in July at 10 weeks and my body is still getting back to normal and have had from 24-31 day cycles since. I stopped tracking as it was getting too stressful and we just dtd as and when but I still temp so that I have an idea of when my period will come. 

  • Aww thank you so much, very helpful! I will start checking my temp in the morning. So sorry to hear about your misscarriage. X

  • Thanks. Was a rough time but trying to get back to normal and tey again x

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