Very faint line on clear blue test

Hi all. I've been having the contraceptive injection for around a year now and have only recently stopped it (around 2 weeks ago). I didn't think it would be possible to get pregnant this quickly after but I've been having all the symptoms so I decided to do a test. I can just about make out a very faint positive line in the window (didn't bother putting pics up because you can't see it in photos). Could this mean I'm pregnant? 


  • 2 weeks after would be very soon to be pregnant as it would take 2 weeks for your body to ovulate. It can also take up to a year for the injection to leave your system. The clear blues are notorious for producing blue lines regardless of whether PG or not. The best tests to use are the pink first response tests but inwould wait a bit longer if I were you. The symptoms you have may be ovulation symptoms x

  • Yeah I thought so too and was warned by the nurse it could take up to a year to leave my system. Will leave it a couple of days and do a first response test! Thanks

  • If I were you I would wait at least a week.... if you are pregnant then it can take up to 10 days after ovulation for hcg to show on an early test... and even then it can be too soon. Implantation at the earliest happens 6 days after ovulation. Most early testers wait until 10 days afterwards. 

  • imageTried to take a picture, can you see a very faint line? Am i going mad??

  • Those tests aren't very sensitive and do more often than not produce a line regardless :( that's why ladies use the pink ones as they don't leave evap lines. It's happened to me many a time on those. They need to be early response ones. Afraid I can't see anything.... it's just too early that's all. 

  • imageCan anyone see a line ? Very faint but got bad nausea, head aches ,sore gums , clear discharge (sorry) and got no energy. This was taken 2 days ago going to retest in a few days. Been feeling different for over a week now. me and partner seen the faint line before the 10 min.

  • Hunnytea I see a line on your invert Image x

  • Hunnytea Was you pregnant ? 

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