could I be pregant 1st time TTC

HI Ladies,  

I had my implant removed on 28th December. I had unprotected Intercourse on Cycle Day 11 and cycle day 14. My fertilittle window run from cycle day 12-17. It's my first time TTC. I am unsure when I ovulated. Over the last few days I've felt sick, achey pain in my pelvis & bad lower back pain. 

I started using the Clear Blue ovulation tests on Cycle Day 11 the 1st day I had unprotected sex.... this was low fert but the day after was high and up until this morning has remained high. I did miss one ovulation test day weather i peaked on that day I don't know? 

My question is, is there a chace I could be pregnant? And have I ovulated? Also what cycle date or when shall I test as I've tested but was negative because think Its far too soon to know. 

Thank you xx 

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