Missed periods but negative urine tests need answers why?

 I haven't had a period in four months but all the tests I've taken between this time has been negative. I have been having all the pregnancy symptoms excessive hunger overly tired frequent urination exhaustion some nausea and feelings of fluttering in my uterus. My periods are also regular please someone help.


  • Also my breast have been hurting for weeks and I have been having really bad lower back pain.

  • Hi,in month of oct i had period then month of nov before my date i had light pink spotting i thought periods comes early but after 2 days didnt get more thrn my one of co worker said this implementation bleeding its good sign but after a week i checkd got neg then my regular days came on 8 dec now im a week late but no sign of pregnancy only having headach sometime but i did nt check test yet becouse neg test make me very disoppoint😔im so tense

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