Missed OV??? Opinions please!

Hi ladies,

I'm currently on CD18 on my first round of Clomid 50mg. I have been using the clear blue digital OPK's with dual hormone indicator. I have been testing since CD9 & have had the high fertility indicator ( flashing smiley ), since CD14, but as yet have had peak fertility. Yesterday the lines were very strong even though it didn't pick up the LH surge. Today the test is still showing high fertility but the lines are not as strong. I have been using FMU as per instructions but I'm wondering if I actually did OV yesterday but the test didn't pick it up because of the time of day I did the test?? I did have EWCM on CD16 & 17 but not so much today.  Is it possible I OV'd & I've missed it, or do u think the Clomid may not have worked this cycle? I'm getting into a bit of a tizz over it all & it's really getting me down. any advice or opinions would be really gratefully received right now.

Sticky Baby Dust to you all xximage


  • Some times you can get the surge and not actually OV particularly if you are stressed.... it's happened to me before. The stick looks strong on cd17.... maybe keep going for a couple of days with the clear blue and see but maybe after that just use the cheap sticks... 

  • Thanks flybutterflyfly. got another strong line but no peak still today but am feeling very unwell. I feel full of wind, nauseous & i actually nearly passed out while shopping earlier.  My body is really playing me up. Iv decided to stop testing this month & start a fresh next cycle.

  • Could be ov symptoms... I fell like that on ovulation 

  • Yea maybe. I think I'm just leaving it up to nature for the rest of my cycle, DH & I will on BD now for fun, not for baby making! Thank you again for taking the time to respond, I understand people are busy. It just makes me feel less alone knowing there are people experiencing the same things x

  • Best to try and chill out with it. I fell Pg in May from not trying but just not being careful. Sadly had a missed miscarriage in July and have been TTC ever sinice.... first couple of months I was like a woman possessed!!! So now I just take my temps so that I know when it's happened but it's nicer to just dtd without a hidden agenda! 

  • You can become a bit obsessed. I had 2 MC's about 9 years ago with an ex-partner during 14months TTC. I guess I feel under pressure due to my age, ( I am 40 this year ) so know if Clomid doesn't work DH & I decided we wouldn't pursue IVF as we feel it would be too stressful & I know I wouldn't be able to get my BMI low enough during the time we would have. 

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