Feeling frustrated

Hello everyone, 

I'm new to this and I was hoping I would get to chat to a few people about their experiences with TTC. My husband and I have been trying since last May and I promised myself I wouldn't get stressed about it but even though I'm not worrying through the month as much as I have been, I can't help feeing devestated every month when I get my period. We haven't told any one we're trying so I have no one to speak to about what's normal to be feeling. I know we haven't been trying for as long as some but I think I'm just feeling so fed up with it all now. We've had checks and we're both fine, but trying not to think about it and not get stressed is easier said than done :( 



  • I'm beyond fed up, I've been trying or as my OH says not stopping it happen since July. Every month it doesn't happen is like being hit in the face and I swear the disappointment makes the cramps hurt even more. 

    I really want to be positive and on a few occasions I manage it, people tell me I have to be happy first with my life but all those people already have children they just don't get it. They don't understand the gapping hole and make stupid comments thinking theyre helping. 

    Wow I'm negative. Sorry about that I really want to help I really want to have an answer for me for you for every one on here. 

  • Thank you for your reply, it's lovely in a way to know someone is feeling the same as me. 

    I feel like I'm being negative all the time, I plaster a smile on my face when anyone says 'oh when are you having children?'

    They don't know my heart breaks every time I walk past a baby or the tiny babygrows in shops.

    Theres no Easy answer for anyone I don't think just knowing there's someone to chat to or is feeling the way we feel. 

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