Cerelle - how long before periods? Any withdrawal symptoms?

Anyone had experience of coming off cerelle? How long before you got a period? I came off on NYE and not had a withdrawal bleed or anything yet? But very bloated, sore and nauseous! Would love to think I'm pregnant but surely it's too early?? It's certainly to early to test positive anyway I'm sure. 

Would love your thoughts and experiences please :-) thank you xx 


  • I am in the same position!

    I came of cerelle on 28th December, and I have not had a withdrawal bleed or anything.

    I've been getting a few cramps, and had very sore nipples!

    I'm not sure when to test... very impatient but thinking maybe mid-feb? If I can hold off that long!


  • Hi,

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but just wondered what happened as I am kind of in the same situation. 

    I came off the pill in July 2017 after taking it for 8-9 years. I had regular bleeds 6 weeks later, every 24 days. These were light and about 5 days long, probably withdrawal bleeds.

    Then had a painful bleed in December so assumed I was back on track. But then came on 10 days later for a week.

    I am now on day 36 with no AF. Have bouts of feeling nauseous, sore nipples, a few cramps but all tests are negative. Waiting for a blood test from doctors. 

    Not sure what is going on!

  • Hey, I was on cerelle for nearly 4 years, I came of mid September and got my first period beginning of November so pretty much straight away. I didn't have any withdrawal or negative symptoms from coming off it, only positive. I started getting nausea all the time and also really bad acne on my back which cleared up after I stopped taking it.  I also started ovulating pretty much straight away as I was getting ewcm  and got bfn in Decemher. Basically, id recommend you start trying straight away :)

  • Sorry I was supposed to say bfp in Dec

  • Thanks for the reply AJandpotatoxxx. That's really good to hear! Congratulations on thw bfp!

    Unfortunately, I haven't received the bfp this time round. Went in for a blood test and with an hour AF had arrived in full force. With any luck it is just a blip and my body will be back to doing what it needs to do soon!

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