implantation bleeding?

hey im new on here! we are trying to have another baby my boy is almost 6 now!  I never had implantation bleeding with him , or i dont remember i did. anyway we tried during chirstmas i know (tmi) but my expected period would be the 11 or 12 of this month yet i started spotting 16 days after we tried in december so i started spotting /lightly bleeding late sunday night which was the 8th and i havent been continuously bleeding, its like a stop an little here and there. its not been 3 days and im still doin the same. what throws this alll off is that i was having SEVERREEEEEEE TENDERNESS of my breasts the week of christmas. so im confused on the whole bleeding thing> i usally am a very heavy flow gal. so this is why it seems for me to point to the prego but i obviously wont know til i take a test. which brings me to my next thing when should i take it? when i first started this bleeding it threw me off because of the dark brown color. so any advice oppinons would help me! thanks so much!


  • I know what u mean hun. People talk about this implantation bleeding but I never had it with my son. I'm not sure if it's meant to be really light and some people just have a light period and confuse it with this in hope that they r pregnant. Cos let's face it this trying to conceive is a massive messer of the head lol is so frustrating waiting and hoping each time will this be it. Ive Been trying 8 months now and I'm kinda at the Come on egg come on sperm for the love of god just meet wud ya lol x

  • exactly! its all so confusing yet i have friend that has it both times having her two kids, and i know everyone is diffrent but geezzz! i

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