3dpo, Cycle Day 18

Hi, I think I ovulated on Monday so I am now 3dpo & on cycle day 18. Could I be pregnant? I took a test & was negative, I'm having these sumptoms: nausea, bad lower back ache, strong smelling urine, stomach cramps & a funny feeling in my ovary area. I know it's probably too early for a home test to show but I just wondered if it's a possibility I am pregnant?  And just a waiting game x 


  • You need to wait until at least 10 dpo to test. Implantation won't happen as a minimum until 6dpo.... and then 4 days for hcg to be produced. It takes 4 days for the egg to travel down the Fallopian tubes. Hcg produces pregannacy symptoms so it's far too early for Pg symptoms. Just have to be patient and wait am afraid 

  • Hi Jade,

    I am currently 3 dpo too, and hoping for a BFP, but better if you don't test before the 18th (next week Wednesday), otherwise you will only cause heartache for yourself.. I know it is hard to wait (we've all been there, or we are right now), but even a FRER shouldn't be used before at least 6 days prior of your (not)expected AF. 

    If you still go wild and test every day, just remember, a pregnancy test used too early, is like a £5 note throwing out on the window. Pointless, waste of time, energy, money, hope...

    Good luck! 😊 

  • Hi,my period started on the 16th December and finished around the 23rd ,I was suppost to ovulate around last fri sat but the ppl strips didn't detect anything,although there was a faint line but nothing now,I've had back pain and sharp pain in the side of my stomach,my periods not due till next week,so I'm not sure if I ovulated or not? No chance of being pregnant? 

  • How long are your cycles. On a 28 day cycle you would ovulate 2 weeks after your period started.... it doesnt matter when it finished... so if you were on a 28 day cycle, OV would have been around the 30th and your period is generally 2 weeks later.... 

  • Ovulation can be delayed though and if that happens then your period will be delayed

  • Hi I am not sure how long my cycle is yet, I had my implant taken out on the 28th December so it's the first time hun. My period started 26th December and finished 3rd Jan. I have first unprotected sex on 5th & then the 8th. I have no idea when I ovulated. I've got really bad lower back pain, stomache cramps, tired, nausea and strong urine ?  X 

  • Sorry jade, my question was to love bug :)

    until you have your first cycle after the removal of the implant it will be hard for you to know when you're ovulating. Again, an ideal scenario  to work from 2 weeks after your implant was removed as its usually anything from cycle day 10 that OV will occur. Until you know your cycle lengths it will be hard to guess your OV day. As a general rule, as and when your period arrives, ovulation would have been 2 weeks prior to that. 

  • Jade he's u can get symptons as early as that because of the surge of hormones like progesterone as the egg begins to fertilise.  It is on the other hand way too soon to test xx just gotta go with it and wait until day period is due or a couple of days before xx

  • Thank you, it's nice to have some support because we've decided not to tell anyone we're TTC so we dont put pressure on us... so it's nice to talk about it to other women. 

    The feelings are really weird.... the back pain is on one side of my back & then sometimes shoots across. Then the stomach ache and a weird sensation where my right ovary is. I'm also very bloated.  

    Thanks ladies... I will stay patient and wait to take a test a couple of days before.  I'm hopeing Ovia has guessed my period date right so that I know to test a couple of days before. Xx 

  • Just remember those apps are just a guess based on cycle length, so if you haven't had a proper cycle after implant yet it may be off. The symptoms you are describing sound like ovulation related. It's incredibly early on so maybe just save your money and sit tight until period is due. Good luck 

  • Thank you xx 

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