Am I pregnant ?

Hi ladies where to start Iol. I missed a couple of my mini pills 3weeks a go me and my partner wanted to try for a baby in summer but we be happy it happened now, on the 28th Dec I had one tiny tad of blood that IT then on 30th I stopped my pill as wanted to on normal pill and her regular period as i don't no when I have a period with this mini pill  On Tuesday 2 Jan I had bad cramps and that week I had unprotected sex then Monday 9th I went to doctors got uti and  now think I got thrush Im tired and nipples sensitive , back pains lots of surmorims I have taken test negative I don't no when I'm due on do you think I might be pregnant ? and when to take another test ? thanks ladies sorry long story 


  • Hiya i am in a similar boat!

    i started taking micronon on 14/12 and took 26,27,28th late so decided to stop on 28th. had a small bleed on 30th-31st which was browny red and very light. my OH and i have had unprotected sex since then frequently and i am started to think i may be pregnant! i would love to be pregnant but not sure whether i am. i have been very nauseous and been sick, loads of headaches, really itchy nipples, period cramping, backache, aching all over, lost appetite, majorly bloated and been sleeping all the time! i found out today i have a uti which is likely to be the cause of my bad back pain. i have done 3 HPT and all BFN. as i don't know when i will get my period i don't know where i am in my cycle! not sure if i've just got my hopes up of being pregnant hence why i have symptoms, and would it be too early for me to get those symptoms?? help lol

  • As a rule of thumb they say ovulation is 2 weeks after the first day of period. Based on a 28 day cycle. generally period is 14 days after ovulation so you should wait until period is late before testing again. It's hard to tell on a first cycle. Best to wait and test 28 days after cycle started... I ovulate Between 10-14 days after my period.... since my MC sometimes later. Unless you are in tune with your cycle its hard to tell . Usually early testers start at 10 days past ovulation.... best to wait until period is late 

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