I've never written on anything like this before so I'm not really sure how it work but here's what's going on with me and I could do with hearing some good stories if anyone's has any! So I'm 27 weve been trying for about 5 months. So not that long compared to some of you. I have PCOS and I take ovulation tests everyday. I've never had a positive test in all that time and I just feel so crap! Doctors won't help until we've been trying for 18 months. I know it's stupid but that just feels like forever. 


  • I have had heard that if you have PCOS then the sticks don't work :( 

    you might be better off taking your basal temps every day and just dtd every 2 days to ensure you are covered x

  • After all the research and all the fertility specialists ive seen I've never been told that! Thank you! I feel better already! 🙂

  • After further research it says a lot of women with PCOS have elevated LH levels which are the ones that make an ovulation test positive, so may cause all tests to come back positive. However I've never had a positive test. 😞

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