8 weeks late, negative HPTs, what should I be asking the Doctor to do?


it has been 8 weeks since my last period and im getting negative HPT. I've always been regular and was very lucky falling quickly with my first child. Last week the doctor told me to wait till my period arrives and to go in for a day 21 blood test, but how long do I wait?

I am fairly certain I'm not pregnant as I suffered with severe hyperemesis with my first baby from about week 3 and I'm currently having no pregnancy symptoms. I am getting bad cramping and feeling like my period is going to start but that's been happening for the last 4-5 weeks. 

 I would like to know what to push for with the doctor and when? Should I push for a blood test now or wait till I'm 12 weeks late? Should a ask for a scan if the blood test is negative and I still have no period? 

Any help, opinions or advice would be very happily received.

Thanks x

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