How early is too early???

Hey ladies, im due af in 4 days!! How soon is too soon to test! I did it this morning fmu and bfn! Made me sad, having a down few months to be honest! Have dizzy spells sore boobs the lot, i got my hopes up! Either too soon or im expecting the hell of all periods....


  • In my opinion it's best to wait until AF is late.... saves money and disappointment at only seeing one line. Good luck x

  • True, i have tons though, got the dip ones online, at it everymonth... This was the last month to try til after april, going away! You hear so many getting Bfps on 8,9 10 dpo you cant help but try.. Thank you x

  • I know. Lady in another thread got a neg at 12 dpo and then pos at 14 dpo..... the internet dip tests can be unreliable too.... a lady was 6 weeks and still getting negs 

  • Wow, 6 weeks, thats madness!! I have a couple of Frer but i was holding off for now!!

    You ever feel like your bodies just tricking you! Never did before but since my Mc seems to dish out everything... Grr at hormones!! X

  • Same. I miscarired at 10 weeks after we weren't actively trying. Every month since, my body has thrown every symptom at me and always been a no :( just trying to relax now. 

  • Im sorry hun! Its awful, i keep getting the "are you not over it yet!!" 

    Of course i am i switched off my emotions!! Ice queen now!! Mine was in August, and since then everythings been all over, thats why we are going on a break in April, few drinks, letting hear down... May do the trick x

  • Mine was July.... its awful. Yeah I have had the "you have to get over it" easier said then done. My niece announced just 2 weeks after and it's been in my face ever since. Have to relax and hope xxx

  • Its something that can never go away, always be there! No matter what the future brings! Its even harder when someone else is thats close to us too, i get that! My friend and i found out we both were at the same time, then that it was twins for us both, sadly mine was a rushed to hospital, surgery etc, shes now 31weeks! So happy for her, but it hurts too! Relaxing is what we all need, easier said than done though! I live in an area thats full of women that sneeze and get pregnant, 23 year old at my daughters school just had her tubes tied, 8 kids, never worked!! Not that thats terrible, just irks me 😂😂

  • Yeah same here! It's not a nice situation! Emergency surgery for me too. Just got to keep stress free

  • Im trying 😁😁😁 you too hun x

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